Friday, 16 July 2010


Awesome, we've got a little Gigantic July treat for some of you. Today we've released the thingloop Zapper, our first mobile phone app for thingloop.

So adding items on thingloop is even easier, it's now as simple as scanning a barcode (for those items that have barcodes!).

The app is available from the Android Marketplace, for all those users with Android powered devices. For those without an Android phone, sorry, you will have to wait a little longer. We are hoping to be able to release an iPhone version of the app shortly.

If feedback is good, we will add functionality to the app soon, so let us know what you think of the idea!


  1. excellent! bummer that the rest of us will have to wait for the apple app version.

  2. its great really easy to use, it would be great it you can lend items by scanning.

  3. @thedon808 - Glad you like it. Yeah, the lending by scanning would be great. It's on the roadmap!

    If you have any other ideas let us know. (There's a feedback feature on the website).

    Thanks for the feedback, Owen

  4. I can't find this app in Android Market...

  5. Hi Steve,

    You should see the app if you search for 'thingloop' in the Android marketplace. Let me know if you still can't see the app.