Tuesday 16 November 2010

thingloop has users in 44 countries!

Owen, founder of thingloop shares his thoughts on the story so far.

So we're 8 months on from our launch. What's happened? How is thingloop doing?

Who's using thingloop?
Sharing certainly seems to have global appeal, as there are thingloop users in 44 different countries. Although the majority of users are from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia.
Users by Country

What are people sharing?
People are listing and sharing all sorts of things, as last weeks addition of a cash register proved! Clothes was another thing that kind of surprised us.

The top 30 most common items listed, by category, is shown below. DVDs and books feature pretty heavily, which makes sense as they are both more common and lower value items. The actual borrowing stats reflect a broader range of items, featuring slightly more in the way of everyday practical items, like ladders, etc.

Top 30 items
What are the best things so far?
For me I think the best things so far are:
  • Stories, like Esther's, of people using and loving thingloop.
  • People sharing the vision
  • People sharing!
  • Actually getting my stuff back! I've got 24 things loaned out at the moment, and I know where all of them are. I'm sharing with zero stress, awesome.
Owen, Founder of thingloop