Friday, 30 April 2010

Announcing project 'Monumental May'

People are already sharing over £8,000 ($11,500) worth of stuff on thingloop, but we know there's a lot more out there waiting to be shared.

That's why today, we're announcing project 'Monumental May': our aim is to get people to have loaded over £100k ($144k) worth of stuff onto thingloop by the end of May.

Is it possible? We think so. But we need your help. Want to be part of Monumental May? Here's a few ways you can help:
  1. Sign up to thingloop, if you haven't already; it really is pretty cool!
  2. Connect with your friends, and upload info on items you're willing to share
  3. Suggest the thingloop facebook page to all your friends
  4. Use the share links at the top of the home page to spread the word
You can keep track of the progress of Monumental May by checking out the running total on the homepage.

Other News ... We're really keen on getting your feedback, that's why we'll shortly be incorporating a feedback feature directly onto the website.

In addition, we're investigating ways of polling users to find out which new features they'd most like to see. We'll keep you informed.

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